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How We Work

When you sign up…

Rock More Music™ tuition is $435 for all the features below. The program is offered during the summer session. In 2022, that is May 30 – Aug 7. In the registration, you may request certain days and weeks off. Groups of 3-6 musicians will be constructed based on each rock star’s individual schedule and availability. We value your family’s vacation time, and will not schedule lessons or performances on national holidays, like July 4th or Labor Day weekend.

In-home Private Lessons…

60 minutes of private lessons are included in the cost of the program. You may want to sign up for additional private lessons, as well. A teacher will come to your home and help your rock star get ready for the group band practices. Music will be provided.

Seven Group Band Practices…

During the six 90-minute band practices, rockers will meet at the professional studio at the Rock More Music™ headquarters in west Buckhead. Practices will be scheduled for Monday – Thursday. All the gear (drums, keys, amps, microphones, cables, tuners) will be provided and all musicians need is their instrument, music, and music stand. There is also a dress-rehearsal before the show, TBD.

It’s a real gig!

In mid-August, Rock More Music™ will host an all-ages gig which has previously been at the Red Light Cafe in Midtown. All the bands will be able to play a “set”, get professionally recorded, and have a photographer shooting magazine-style album covers and video footage for all the bands. T-shirts with the band’s chosen name can also be ordered. The music video download is included in the cost.

Teachers Participating…

Rock bands always mention “influences” that affect their sound. Melissa Sebel and several other Play More Music instructors are working with the rockers as coaches…and sitting in to play some songs with the bands. All instructors will be positive, encouraging, and honest about each student’s individual needs. Please view our teacher biographies to learn more about them.

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“Playing with other musicians is critical in music education. Why not rock out while doing it?” Melissa Sebel