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We are pleased to announce the return of this popular program!  We will learn to rock out in bands of 3-6 students each, paired according to age, style, proficiency, and schedule.  Any instrument/voice 6-18 years old with experience is eligible. Included in tuition, rock stars will receive 60-minutes of private  lesson time with an instructor. The group will then meet (usually Tuesdays and Fridays) at the practice space in the Rock More Music studio in Buckhead for 90-minutes, 6 times, plus a dress-rehearsal (7 practices total).  An all-ages “gig” and after-party will be held mid-August.  We will have a professional videographer and sound manager, as well as sell T-shirts with our bands names. Awesome!

Fill out the form below to enroll your rock star in our summer 2023 program!

RockMoreMusic Summer Registration Form

Please fill out this form for each student separately.
  • Please indicate if rock star is willing to learn to play another instrument or is NOT willing to sing.
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  • Following submission of this form (within 48hrs), you will receive an invoice with the exact total due for Rock More Music Summer 2023. All tuition payments will be handled online.
“Playing with other musicians is critical in music education. Why not rock out while doing it?” Melissa Sebel